Thorough Examination Inspections (Incorporating Loler & Puwer Regulations)

Whether you’re hiring or purchasing a forklift, you are legally required to have a current Thorough Examination (Incorporating Loler & Puwer Regulations) carried out to ensure the machine is in good working order. Often, a LOLER inspection only covers the front portion of the forklift and neglects important areas such as brakes, safety systems and steering. This could put your staff and anyone on your premises at risk.

It also ensures that any systems or equipment installed on the forklift is working as per manufacturers requirements.

Here at East Midlands Forklifts we offer fully accredited examinations of your forklift machinery to give you peace of mind when it comes to safety in your workplace. If you fail to have the machinery checked you can be prosecuted under PUWER 98 and the Health and Safety at Work Act. An examination of a forklift should take longer than an hour, so don’t accept any check carried out in under 45 minutes.

We have trained and experienced engineers across Loughborough, Leicester, Nottingham & Derby who can perform the checks so that you’re in safe hands. To find out more about these crucial checks and examinations – or to learn about forklift hire in the East Midlands – then contact our professional team today.

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