Forklift Servicing

Keeping your vehicle in prime health is crucial. Regular forklift servicing will ensure that your model is operating at maximum efficiency for your business, and will also catch small issues early before they develop into bigger problems. This benefits both the safety and capability of your business to keep everything running smoothly.

A variety of reports can be generated for the customer at any date because the Service Management System stores overviews of all past and present jobs. These include:

  • Servicing schedules
  • Thorough Examination schedules
  • Complete cost per site or per forklift
  • Cost audit for a given time period

This provides you with all you need to know about the forklift service we have provided or are providing for your business; therefore you can make any alterations to your service accordingly. If you require further information on any of our services including the sale of new and used forklifts please contact East Midlands Forklifts today on 0800 998 1218 or via our online contact form.