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Forklift Basic Training



A fully qualified forklift operator is important for both the safety of others and ensuring that a forklift is used in the most efficient way. A forklift licence must be held by all who wish to operate a forklift, and the relevant training is available from many reputable providers throughout the country, including from ourselves here at East Midlands Forklifts, so failure to have your employees or yourself properly trained will be inexcusable.

This month, we’re looking at the necessary components of forklift training you must undergo to receive your licence, providing you with more insight into the importance of proper training and the due care and attention needed when operating a forklift.

What to expect with basic forklift training

Basic forklift training sees a fully qualified and experienced instructor talk through basic manoeuvres, health and safety and how the machinery works to reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring, increasing the safety of not only the forklift operator but of pedestrians in the surrounding area. Forklift training can also benefit you economically; with proper driving you can reduce truck downtime, speed up operations and reduce the risk of product damage. Forklift training will be a mix of both hands-on learning and classroom based learning. The type of training you will be required to undergo includes:

  • Learning the Health & Safety at Work Act
  • Learning to load safely
  • Fork truck stability
  • How to re-fuel or recharge the forklift
  • Pre-use checks you will be required to carry out
  • Stacking practice, working at different levels

At the end of your training, you will be required to sit a multiple choice examination and to carry out a practical operating test to receive your licence.

More advanced training

After you’ve mastered the basics of forklift training and can handle manoeuvres comfortably and safely, it would be beneficial to learn how to handle specific work conditions or actions, such as navigating the bulky machinery through narrow aisles or operating order pickers.

Narrow aisle training

To undergo this training, in most cases you will need to already hold your level 1 driving licence and have undergone the basic forklift training. This more advanced training teaches you how to operate high rack stackers competently.

Order picker training

This more advanced course will teach you everything you need to know about how to operate horizontal order pickers in tight spaces.

East Midlands Forklifts now offer forklift training by highly trained and experienced instructors at our new depot, giving you privacy and space to carry out your training and learn your manoeuvres so you can safely complete your accreditations. We also offer Thorough Examination inspections on all elements of forklifts ensuring that your machinery is in the best possible condition and is completely safe to use, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Our highly trained engineers can perform these important checks in just 45 minutes, and if any faults are found, we can assist in rectifying the issue safely and quickly. Get in contact today for more information; we’ll be happy to help.



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