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Can You Hire A Forklift?

For many industries, forklifts are ubiquitous; their presence is vital to ensure day-to-day business operations are successful. Forklifts are, therefore, sometimes purchased up front and owned by the business. However, at East Midlands Forklifts, we also provide forklifts for hire.

What types of forklift hire are available?

There are two types of forklift hire: fast, short-term hire and long-term leasing contracts. Short-term hire entails hiring a forklift for a short, unspecified amount of time, whereas long-term leasing will be for a much longer and explicit duration.

Why would you need to hire a forklift short term?

Short term hire of a forklift may be requested for the following reasons:

An unexpected, increased demand.

You may suddenly require extra equipment in response to a sudden and unexpected increase in the demand for your services. You may not know the full reason for this increased demand or how long it will last, and so hiring an extra forklift immediately until you no longer need it may be the best course of action.

A test run

You may currently be in the market for an upgrade to your current forklifts but are apprehensive of committing. Short-term renting is a great way to ‘try before you buy’, essentially letting you test out the forklift before you commit to buying it.

Your current forklift is out of service

You may need to hire a temporary replacement if your current forklift is out of service. Swiftly hiring a replacement will allow you to continue your day-to-day operations without a hitch.

Why would you need to hire a forklift long term?

You may wish to hire a forklift on a long-term leasing contract for the following reasons:

Not willing to spend the capital up front

Forklifts can be expensive. Many businesses — especially smaller businesses — may not currently have the capital or be willing to spend the capital to buy a forklift up front. Hiring a forklift on a long-term lease gives many people the opportunity to get their business off the ground.

Hirers are free from fear of breakdowns and repair costs

Long-term forklift hire can give you the peace of mind that you business won’t suddenly face a big hit if the forklift breaks down unexpectedly. Many businesses may not be able to afford the impact that a forklift failure leaves on their business. The company you rent your forklift from will be responsible for any maintenance or repair costs related to the equipment.

Looking for forklift hire across the Midlands?

How is hire priced?

There are a variety of different factors that influence how forklift hire will be priced. These include:


The length of time you wish to hire your forklift for will factor into the overall price. Long term leasing will allow you to better visualise costs, due to the specified amount of time on the contract.


You need to be aware that you will be in charge of refueling the forklift when needed.


We’re confident that you’ll take good care of our forklifts, but you could be hit with extra charges if you fail to return the forklift on the agreed date or in an acceptable condition.

East Midlands Forklifts offer a wide variety of different forklifts for hire or purchase. Catering for clients throughout the East Midlands, we use our 25 years of experience to deliver you a forklift guaranteed to suit your business needs. Call us today for a free consultation.


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