White Noise Back Up Alarm

Back-up alarms warn people that a vehicle is moving in a reverse direction beeping sound.

White noise back-up alarms are thenewest type of back up alarm and it doesn’t cause noise pollution and is considered to be the safest on the market.

The Advantages of White Noise Back Up Alarms

White noise back-up alarms produce a unique broadband sound, instead of a single-frequency sound on a conventional alarm.

The benefits of this white noise technology are:

  • can only be heard where and when necessary thanks to a lower volume, resulting in a considerable reduction of noise-related complaints
  • it is immediately clear what direction the sound comes from, so that any danger can be avoided faster
  • no irritating beeping sounds, but a ‘shh’ sounds that doesn’t cause any unnecessary noise pollution
  • Available in volt ranges from 12 to 80 volts
  • dB ratings from 82 to 107dB as well as automatic self adjusting back up alarms with from 77 – 97dB or 87 – 107dB

Opting for a white noise back-up alarm will help you disperse more efficient danger signals towards the workers on the shop floor.

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