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5 Ways To Prevent Forklift Accidents

Workplace accidents can result in pain and loss of livelihood for an employee, and legal problems for an employer. Forklift accidents are no exception, and therefore prevention is paramount to meet your duty of care.  

Vehicles and machinery handling will always have an element of danger. By becoming aware of the possible pitfalls and endeavouring to stop accidents in their tracks, you will ensure a safer, happier working environment for all.  

How to prevent forklift accidents

Forklift accidents can be prevented by training staff correctly, investing in safety products, enforcing good workplace practices, and regularly servicing the right equipment for the job.

Let’s explore these tips in further detail.

5 Ways To Prevent Forklift Accidents


Get the right training  

Every forklift is different. Therefore, specialist training is legally required to handle the specific piece of equipment in use, and regular refresher courses are also advised. Luckily there are many comprehensive training courses on offer to ensure your workers are up to speed on safe forklift operation. Courses cover basic theory and practical skills – see our complete guide on forklift training schemes, licenses and costs to learn more.

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Get serviced regularly

Even the highest quality machines will occasionally experience faults. Common faults can include: missing bolts, missing or damaged tyres, failing brakes, malfunctioning steering or clutch, system leaks, and many other issues. Keeping equipment in good working order through regular visual checks, servicing and maintenance is a simple way to avoid these faults causing accidents.

Get the right equipment

Choosing the wrong equipment for a project may result in hazardous execution and ultimately, a shoddy job. Forklifts come in many shapes, sizes and capacities, and all are designed differently to handle certain types of jobs, loads and terrains. Factors such as the dimensions of the working space will need careful consideration to ensure safe manoeuvring, as will load weights and warehouse layout. Take a look at our in-depth guide on finding the best forklift for your working environment.

Enforce good workplace practices

Behavioural factors have a large impact on workplace safety, and unsafe behaviours such as speeding, improper handling of vehicles, or horseplay should be avoided at all costs. Instead, ensuring staff are briefed on the dangers of irresponsible behaviour should be routine. Workplace layout and design also have a significant influence on safety such as cluttered aisles, obstructions, surface conditions; a risk assessment should be carried out to identify these problem areas and rectify them.

Invest in safety products

Investing in a few key safety products will avoid danger in the long run. East Midlands Forklifts stock a wide selection of these vital technologies, including the revolutionary Blaxtair Pedestrian Detection System – the on-board camera that detects obstacles in the path of vehicles to avoid collisions. Other crucial technologies available include over-load detection devices, road speed control, seat belt detection, and many more.

Supplying a wide range of forklifts and safety products, the team at East Midlands Forklifts are industry leaders with over 20 years’ experience. We offer safe and high-quality forklifts for any application, including a variety of new & used options available for rental or purchase. Get in touch with our friendly team today who are happy to answer all enquiries.

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