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Things to Consider When Buying a Forklift

Acquiring a forklift for your business might be the best decision you ever make. Built to carry heavy loads across large warehouses, forklifts can drastically improve efficiency and productivity in your workplace. 

But with so many forklifts on the market, it’s important to consider which make and model would be best for you. If you’re considering acquiring a forklift for your business, take a look at all the things you should take into account before making your decision.

The space in your workplace

Before ordering a load of forklifts, ask yourself whether you have the space to keep them. While indoor storage isn’t mandatory, it is recommended. A forklift stored outdoors will be prone to weather damage and may require more maintenance down the line. 

You should also check to make sure you have enough space to store and use your forklifts. If your premises are particularly narrow, you may not be able to use multiple forklifts at once. Luckily, reach forklifts are just one example of a narrow-bodied forklift suitable for tighter areas. Make sure you have considered the size of the forklift before you order.

The lift requirements

Just as all forklift sizes are different, so are their lift capacities. You’ll want to calculate how much weight your forklift will need to lift to ensure you acquire a truck that can handle it. 

The lift capacity of certain models can exceed four tonnes, whereas others may only be able to manage one  tonne.

Length of time needed

How long will you need your forklift for? If you’re planning on adding a forklift as a permanent addition to your fleet, it makes sense to purchase a forklift outright. However, if you only require the forklift for a few weeks or months, you might want to consider leasing one. East Midlands Forklifts offers flexible hire contracts so that you can use a forklift for as long as you need it. Plus, we take care of all the maintenance requirements, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum.

Condition of the forklift

You can choose between a brand new forklift and a second-hand model. Second-hand forklifts will cost less upfront than their brand new counterparts but they might require more maintenance down the line, potentially costing you more in the long run. 

Other questions to consider

Some other questions to consider before you purchase or lease a forklift are:

  • How high do you need the forklift to reach?

Just as with load capacity, different forklifts have different reach limits. Ensure you choose a forklift that matches your needs.

  • Where will the forklift be used?

Do you need a forklift for indoor or outdoor use? Some forklifts are suitable for indoor use, outdoor use or both! Check to make sure you have the right forklift for your needs before you purchase.

  • Are there any attachments required?

Forklifts can be equipped with a range of attachments to enhance their use. At East Midlands Forklifts we offer a range of attachments for our forklifts, including side shifters and rotators.

Find your perfect forklift at East Midlands Forklifts. We offer a range of forklift models to purchase outright or lease on a flexible hire contract. Whichever you choose, take advantage of our professional maintenance contracts to ensure your forklifts are up and running at all times.

Check out our buyer’s guide to discover the best forklift for your needs.

Contact our team to find out more about our products or place an order.


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