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The evolution of forklifts

Forklifts, an invention created many years ago, have evolved over the years to meet ever-changing requirements and suiting more diverse uses than ever before. With changes in technology creating new potential in the forklift industry, the forklifts we see being produced today are a stark contrast to those more traditional models. Here, we run through some of the changes forklifts have gone through during their development:

Smart technology

With the ever-changing technology industry, it is now possible for forklifts to be connected to intelligent systems including ERP systems, RFIDs and Zone Control. Sensors can even be attached to forklifts, which allow for the tracking of the truck’s movement as well as any impacts and accidents that may occur. Examples of this include ForkTrack; a revolutionary piece of technology tracking impact detection, shutdown, speed and zone control.

Can be customised

Manufacturing firms are increasingly calling for the customisation of their equipment, technology and vehicles, allowing for their functions to be customised in line with the requirements of the workplace and tasks in question.

AC (Alternate Current)

AC motors have a whole host of benefits, including higher performance, lower maintenance costs and improved energy efficiency thanks to the longer amount of time available between charges.

Hydrostatic Drives

This offers a faster and more efficient option, keeping maintenance costs down and keeping forklifts running extremely efficiently; both in terms of time and energy consumption.

More environmentally friendly

Due to rising fuel costs in our economy, more and more forklifts are being built using environmentally friendly technologies. Indeed, this can be seen with the increase in popularity of electric forklifts; one of the favoured types of forklift on the market today.


Narrow aisle trucks are an impressive solution to the crowded, busy warehouse, where space is limited and must be used efficiently. Providing 50% more pallet space in the same area, narrow aisle trucks allow for lower storage costs and a safer working environment.


There is no doubt that improving the comfort of operators can work wonders for productivity levels, which is why ergonomically designed forklifts have been pushed so much thanks to their affiliation with improved employee retention rates.

Here at East Midlands Forklifts, we understand that you need the best possible forklifts to carry out your work safely and efficiently, which is why we provide customers with only the highest quality of machinery at the best price. For more information on anything that we do including services and repairs, or for any other enquiry, simply get in touch with our friendly team of experts today and we’ll be happy to help.


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