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East Midlands Forklifts & The One Show!

With the upcoming General Election just around the corner, many of us may still be deciding where to cast our votes. Those that are in the Loughborough area and are still undecided may now have another option: The Whistle While You Work Party.

Formed by professional whistler Sheila Harrod, the party’s simple manifesto is to bring back the age-old tradition of whistling while going about your daily work – something that she claims has been lost in the modern age.

So how is this connected to East Midlands Forklifts?

East Midlands Forklifts on the BBC

East Midlands Forklifts

Well, Sheila’s campaign has caught the attention of the media, including the BBC’s One Show, who decided to film a feature with the Whistle While You Work Party during a campaign trip around Loughborough.

The clip, aired on 17/04/2015, shows Sheila encouraging local workers to bring back the tradition, and the whistlestop tour makes a visit to the East Midlands Forklift warehouse.

As advocates of whistling while we carry out the region’s highest quality forklift services and repairs, it’s not surprising that the BBC film crew turned up at our door. Not only did we explain how the practice gives the place some atmosphere while the guys are working, we also got a chance to show off our whistling skills!

Here’s a link to the clip to see for yourself:


The one show 5

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Image Credits: BBC iPlayer



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