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Common Forklift Faults and How to Fix Them

Over the course of its lifetime, your forklift truck may gradually start to develop faults which affect its everyday performance. In this article, we’ve listed some of the most common problems dealt with by operators, and how they can be fixed. Remember, you should always be monitoring the condition of your machine and enlisting the help of a professional if you want a problem to be diagnosed and fixed properly.

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Forklift does not start

If it won’t start up, your forklift is pretty much useless. The cause of the problem could be something as obvious as a flat battery or lack of fuel – check the condition of the battery, or fill it up and have the carburetor changed if necessary. If power isn’t an issue, it may be a case of overheating, in which case you’ll need to ensure the machine has adequate coolant. If the problem still isn’t diagnosed, it’s best to contact a professional to service your forklift – there could be a variety of more serious factors at play.

Mast/lifting problems

One of the most common problems with forklifts is that the mast – the lift mechanism – is not raising or lowering properly. If this is happening erratically it could cause damage to the goods being lifted. The problem is often caused by not having enough hydraulic fluid, which makes it hard for the forklift to power fast movements – check for any leaks, top up fluid levels and replace any faulty parts.

Faulty steering

If your steering is not working optimally, this could be a result of poor steering fluid transmission which slows the steering wheel’s ability to execute changes in direction. It could be due to other factors, however, such as misaligned tyres, worn-out gears or a rusty steering mechanism. If you’re not sure, it’s best to get advice from an expert who can provide maintenance if necessary.

Worn-out tyres/suspension

Forklift tyres probably don’t get as much attention as those on cars and trucks, but they are equally as important when it comes to vehicle performance. They are under the pressure of heavy loads every day, so once their condition has deteriorated, this can have a significant impact on stability and safety. Make sure to keep an eye on the condition of your tyres and get them replaced when necessary.

Engine overheating

An overheated engine is particularly problematic as it will cause the forklift to shut down. Be sure to monitor the machine’s coolant system, and check for any blockages or other problems with the radiator, gently cleaning it if necessary. You may also want to check that the thermostat is operating correctly, to ensure that it is being triggered once the temperature gets too high and therefore allowing coolant into the engine.

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