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Can Forklifts Drive on Grass?

It’s possible to drive a forklift on grass, but only with the right type of truck, the right set of wheels and the right safety precautions in place. Failing to do any of these could lead to serious injury or death.

can a forklift drive on grass?

We always recommend speaking to a reputable forklift company before driving your forklift on grass.

In this article, discover which forklifts and wheels are most suitable for driving on grass, as well as the precautions you should take before doing so.

Which forklift is most suitable for driving on grass?

There are various types of forklifts, tailored to suit different tasks and terrains. We recommend using a rough-terrain forklift if you wish to drive your forklift on grass or turf.

Rough-terrain forklifts are designed to transport heavy loads on uneven and rocky surfaces. They are extremely robust and include stabilisers for extra balance.

There are three types of forklift to choose from: telehandlers, rotating telehandlers and mast forklifts. All will be suitable for use outdoors — just make sure they’re equipped with suitable tyres.

Which tyres are most suitable for driving on grass?

We recommend fitting your rough-terrain forklift with grass or turf tyres for use on grassy areas.

What safety precautions should be taken when driving a forklift on grass?

Take extra precautions when driving a forklift outside. 

  • Use a simulator to train for the new terrain. Even if you are an experienced forklift driver, you will not be used to how the forklift handles on a bumpy/grassy surface. It is recommended that you get a feel for the forklift on this terrain on a simulator before driving the truck in real life.
  • Perform comprehensive checks on your forklift to ensure it isn’t suffering from any issues. These checks should be completed every time you use the forklift. Forklifts are far more likely to get damaged on rough, outdoor terrain than indoors.
  • Keep extra focused when operating a forklift outside. There will be extra hazards you won’t be used to. These can include potholes, rocks and animals.
  • Check the weather forecast for the day to make sure it is safe to go out. If the weather changes, be prepared to drive more slowly or abandon your task altogether. Rain and ice will make the ground more slippery, resulting in a greater risk of injury.
  • Clean your forklift after every use when operating it outside. Dirt can quickly build up in the various components of your forklift truck, causing it to run less efficiently. Mud can also get stuck in the tyres, which can compromise the forklift’s grip.

The vast majority of forklift trucks are designed for use indoors. Never use a forklift outdoors unless it has specifically been designed for outdoor use. Even then, we highly recommend contacting a reputable forklift company to discuss whether your forklift is suitable for use outdoors.

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