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8 Ideas For More Efficient Warehouse Practices

If you’re wondering how to improve warehouse efficiency and want to discover the best ways to boost your warehouse productivity, read on for these essential tips to apply to any warehouse.

Evaluate Your Current Space

Assess whether your current storage, process and layout solutions are working for your warehouse, or if it requires updating in line with changes in the business’s scale or specialisms. Think: is your warehouse layout affecting travel time between stations? Reducing unnecessary travel around the warehouse will save time and improve efficiency. Ask your employees for suggestions and ideas – they’re the team on the ground who will be most familiar with operations.

Continually Improve

Businesses grow, change and introduce new processes all the time – these demands will, therefore, require continual assessment and adaptation if operations are to remain as efficient as possible and totally tailored to the business’s present state of operation. Therefore you must frequently assess any changes, set future objectives and always renew plans when necessary.

Mechanise Processes

Incorporating mechanisation into your working practice is a surefire way to improve productivity, efficiency and safety – and what’s more, it’s become a more affordable option in recent times. Automation will simplify processes and boost profits – with more work being completed within a shorter time frame. Forklift popularity is soaring, due to their ability to offer your workers strength, speed, efficiency, and extended reach. A huge selection of forklift types are available for sale and hire from East Midlands Forklifts to suit the needs of any warehouse.

Employ Technologies

Technology has helped virtually every aspect of society, and that includes the efficiency of warehouses.The options are varied. For example, setting up systems that maintain real-time inventory visibility and control is crucial for keeping on top of any changes, as and when they arise. Decent voice-activated technology is also an excellent way of saving time and increasing both productivity.  

Optimise the Available Space

Expanding the floorspace of your warehouse is costly, which is why it’s vital to take full advantage of the space you do have. Optimising vertical space is hugely beneficial, and expanding upwards has thankfully been made easier with the availability of Man-Up forklift technology to reach those out-of-the-way places. Experiment with shelving, pallet racking and warehouse layout to ensure maximum efficiency of navigation, accessibility and space-saving. And get rid of any clutter – not only does this occupy valuable space, but it can also pose a health and safety risk.

Organisation is Key

Much time could be saved if employees knew exactly where their sought-out stock and equipment were located. A clear, organised system throughout the warehouse will save time for workers, prevent accidents, and avoid frustration. One tip is to make your most frequently used items most accessible, and to tailor the workstations to the employee and the task at hand.

Lean Towards Lean Manufacturing

Minimising waste boosts the green factor of your warehouse, as well as maintaining the productivity of your practices. As a wider definition, lean manufacturing means employing general practices that increase the value and quality of work through more efficient practices and waste minimisation. Businesses that employ lean operations often see an improvement in delivery, costs, efficiency, and productivity.

Communicate the Changes

Any changes made to operations will not increase efficiency if you staff arrive at work with no idea they’ve happened. Familiarise your staff with the new processes and layouts to ensure a seamless transition for everyone involved. Training will be an invaluable way of continually keeping teams informed of changing processes, ensuring they remain fresh in the mind.

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