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5 Ways Human Error Impacts Forklift Safety

Around 1,300 people in the UK are hospitalised each year due to forklift accidents in the workplace. These incidents include overturns, collisions, workers getting crushed and drivers falling out the forklift. Though some of these incidents are caused by equipment failure or malfunction, many result from simple human errors that could have easily been avoided.

If you’re not careful, your actions could seriously injure yourself or a colleague. Stay safe — discover how human error can impact forklift safety in your workplace.

Tiredness and Fatigue

Overworking or not getting enough sleep can lead to impaired judgement and delayed reactions. It’s important to recognise when you’re not in the right frame of mind to operate heavy machinery. Make sure you have at least 11 hours between shifts and are getting around 8 hours of sleep a night. Caffeine can give you a sudden boost in energy, but you should never turn to coffee as a replacement for rest.

Lack of Concentration

Ironically, concentration begins to decrease the more experienced you are at your job. Those who are new to the job will be ultra focused, knowing their inexperience could lead to more mistakes. Conversely, those who drive forklifts regularly may go into autopilot mode. It is important to stay alert at all times. Losing focus will make you less responsive to hazards that appear suddenly.

Reckless Behaviour

Speeding, breaking safety rules and generally messing around on a forklift can cause accidents. You should never act recklessly on a forklift even if you are in a hurry or under stress. Talk to your manager if you feel pressure to speed in order to increase productivity. 

Bar Loading Protocol

Only load your forklift to the recommended levels. You should never overload the forklift in an attempt to carry more at once. Poorly stacked or highly stacked pallets can impair vision and make the forklift unstable, leading to a significantly increased risk of injury for the driver and others in the workplace. 

Safety Procedure Failure

Failure to complete safety checks can increase risk of injury. You should never skip the safety procedure, even if you are late to work or limited on time. The safety check will alert you to any problems with the vehicle and allow you to contact the relevant professionals for servicing or repairs.

The best ways to avoid injury in the workplace are to stay alert and ensure that your equipment is safe to use. At East Midlands Forklifts we provide forklifts to buy or hire on a flexible contract. Our forklifts boast the latest safety features to reduce malfunction and failure in the workplace. We even provide professional servicing and maintenance, plus a huge stock of spare parts, ensuring your equipment is safe at all times.

To find out more about our forklifts and forklift services, contact the East Midlands Forklift team today.



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